[i:] – мы, метры, мечта, колесо, люди, юбилей/празднество
[aɪ] – привет, глаз, лондонское колесо обозрения, вид, высокий, внутри
[əʊ] – также, медленный, медленно, фото, показывать
[u:] – скоро, сувенир, правдивый
[ʌ] – некоторый, марионетка, удобный, счастливый, кружка
[dʒ] – мост, гигант, юбилей, получать удовольствие, шутка
√ To come
To come into the room – войти в комнату
To come out of the shop – выйти из магазина
To come true – исполниться/воплотиться
√ To turn
To turn to the left – повернуть налево
To turn to the right – повернуть направо
To turn slowly – медленно поворачиваться
To turn fast – быстро крутиться
√ To admire
To admire London – восхищаться Лондоном
To admire Moscow – восхищаться Москвой
Strange person came into the room. He turned slowly to me and I admired. This was my old friend, whom I haven’t seen for ages.
How can you spend so much time shopping? Let’s come out of the shop
And admire the sights of London!
Great Britain
20th of March
Hi Jim,
My dream came true. I visited the London Eye. It’s a great wheel which is situated on the bank of the river Thames. The London Eye is 135 meters high and turns very slowly. There are 32 comfortable capsules for people to stand in. It carries 15000 peoples a day.
When I got to the top, I had a bird’s eye view of central London. I was lucky to have nice weather. It was great!
I spent 30 minutes on the Eye. I admired the city, its historical buildings and the famous Thames. I took a lot of photo. I also bought some funny souvenirs in the shop below the London Eye: a model of red London bus and a black mug with the picture of the giant wheel.
Next to the London Eye are the Jubilee Gardens where we saw a puppet show and some “living statues”. There were two kings and a nice queen a brave cowboy and a sad poet among the “living statues”. There were two kings and a nice queen, a brave cowboy and a sad poet among the “living statues”. I really enjoyed the London Eye. I hope to come here again one day.
See you soon, Dima
I’d like to become a “living statue” not more than for 15 minutes. I can’t even imagine how it’s difficult to stay there for all day. Although I’d like to become an amazing princess for a short moment. I would wear a beautiful costume with jewels and everyone would admire me.
I’d like to become a “living statue” for a short time. I’d choose the costume of King Arthur. I love this story and his adventures. It would be very pleasant to become a real knight for 15 minutes.
1 – False
2 — True
3 – False
4 – False
5 – True
There are many people in a comfortable capsule riding the London Eye. Some of them are taking photos, some are shooting video. Girls are sitting on a bench of the capsule, talking and laughing loudly. An Indian lady is talking on the phone, a girl from Japan or from China is listening to music. All the tourists are enjoying the trip.
1 – e
2 – b
3 – d
4 – c
5 – a
Yes, there is also one more place where we can see a bird’s-eye view of Moscow. It’s called Vorobyovi Gori. There are always many tourists from all over the world. They enjoy the view of stadium Luzhniki, The Kremlin and all the rest of the city from the bird’s eye height. This place is famous for its history. It says that Napoleon looked down at the city of Moscow from that place, when he came there in 1812.
Taking, took – берущий, взятый
Solving, solved – решающий, решенный
Watching, watched – смотрящий, просмотренный
Reading, read – читающий, прочитанный
Opening, opened – открывающий, открытый
Catching, caught – ловящий, пойманный
Playing, played – играющий, сыгранный
Writing, written – пишущий, написанный
Translating, translated – переводящий, переведенный
Finishing, finished – завершающий, завершенный
Speaking, spoken – говорящий, оговоренный
Bringing, brought – несущий, принесенный
Painting, painted – красящий, крашеный
Telling, told – рассказывающий, рассказанный
1. Why
2. What
3. Who
4. Why
5. Where
6. What
7. Why
8. What
1. Alice decided to go to the park because the day was fine and warm.
2. The children were playing in the park.
3. The teenagers were chatting loudly.
4. She was tired and decided to find a bench.
5. She found a nice bench under a big green thee.
6. The packet of crisps was lying between the old man and Alice.
7. Alice was surprised because the old man ate her crisps.
8. When Alice came home she found an unopened packer of her crisps.
1. Alice came to the park to spend her Sunday outdoors.
2. The girl walked in the park but soon she got tired.
3. The old man was reading his newspaper in peace.
4. Alice was surprised when the old man began to eat her crisps.
5. The old man gave her the last crisp but Alice left.
6. Alice found a packet of crisps in her bag.

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