3 2 3 1
4 – Кружок пения
6 – Кружок путешественников
7 – Кружок любителей природы
2 – Кружок по теннису
5 – Водный мир
8 – Быстрее, выше, сильнее
13 – Музыкальный кружок
11 – Школьный театр
1 – Фотография
9 – Кружок по шахматам
12 – Компьютерный кружок
10 – Художественный кружок
3 – Кружок танцев
I’d choose Nature club and Photography because I love world around me and I want to show how I see it to other people.
1 – Singing club
2 – Tennis club
3 – Travelers’ club
4 – Musicians’ club
Do you like to take photos? – Yes I do. Тебе нравится делать фотографии? – Да.
Did you choose Photography? – Yes, I did. Ты выбрал фото-кружок? – Да.
Do you like to play tennis? – No, I don’t. I like to draw pictures. Любишь играть в теннис? – Нет, я люблю рисовать.
Did you choose drawing club? – Yes, I did. Ты выбрал кружок по рисованию? – Да.
Do you like jogging? – Yes, I do. Тебе нравится бегать трусцой? – Да.
Did you choose “Faster, higher, stronger”? – No, I didn’t. I chose dancing club. Ты выбрала кружок «Быстрее, выше, сильнее?» — Нет, я выбрала танцевальный кружок.
I like to play chess. I choose Chess club. – Я люблю играть в шахматы. Я выбрал кружок по шахматам.
He likes to go to theater and to imitate different people. He decided to go to School Theater. – Он любит ходить в театр и подражать разным людям. Он решил пойти в школьный театр.
She is fond of “Pussy cat Dolls”. She wants to dance like they do. She chose dancing club. – Ей нравится группа «Пуси кэт долз». Она хочет танцевать также. Она выбрала танцевальный кружок.
My favourite school club is School Theater. We read and act out famous plays. When I’m on the stage I feel like a real star. I want to become an actor or a producer. The club makes it easier for me to communicate with others.
Boys and girls! Welcome to our new School Theater! We need stars, bright heads, active people and creative characters. Show us your talent – join the theater!
If you want to become a journalist, photography and our School Theater are waiting for you. You can also choose our literature club to learn by heart different poems and read and discuss interesting books. Photography club will help you show off your creative side, it’s important for every journalist. Also you’ll need to add pictures to your texts. It’s great if you do them by yourself. In The Theater you will learn how to act, how to communicate with public. All this clubs will help you express yourself.
Dear Friend.
I’d like to tell you about school clubs. There are so many of them. I had to choose but it was difficult, because I have lots of hobbies. Finally I chose drawing club. I like to draw most of all.
What do we do in the club? We improve our skills. We work not only in the studio, but also draw in the open air. Outside we listen to birds singing, watch red leaves falling and try to copy this beauty.
Our teacher is the best painter I know. I’d like a famous artist one day and to make exhibitions of my works.
How are you? Do you have favourite hobbies and clubs? Tell me, please, a few words about them.
Best wishes, Masha
1) Computer club
2) Nature club
You’ll tell us about your trip, won’t you? – Ты расскажешь нам о своей поездке, не так ли?

She likes dancing, doesn’t she? – Она любит танцевать, не так ли?

Could I help you with history, couldn’t I? – Я бы мог помочь тебе с историей, не так ли?

We didn’t know about the changes, did we? – Мы не знали о изменениях, не правда ли?

We were not invited to the party, were we? – Мы не были приглашены на вечеринку, не так ли?
It’s a lovely evening, isn’t? – Такой милый вечер, не так ли?
The sportsman run very fast, doesn’t he? – Спортсмен очень быстро бежит, не правда ли?

It was a wonderful game, wasn’t it? – Это была отличная игра, не так ли?

You will come here again, won’t you? – Ты ещё суда вернешься, не правда ли?

We could go there together, couldn’t we? – Мы могли бы пойти туда вместе, не так ли?

You know my family, don’t you? – Ты знаешь мою семью, не правда ли?
You don’t need any help, do you? – Тебе не нужна помощь, не так ли? She doesn’t speak German at all, does she? – Она не говорит по-немецки, не так ли?

Paul isn’t good at maths, is he? – У Пола не очень с математикой, не так ли?

Your parents aren’t from Britain, are they? – У тебя родители не из Британии, не так ли?

Our match wasn’t interesting today, was it? – Наш мачт не был сегодня интересным, не правда ли?

Your teacher won’t give you much homework for the weekend, will she? – Учительница не задает много на выходные, не так ли?
1 – g
2 – d
3 – e
4 – a
5 – f
6 – b
7 – c
1. Yes, I am.
2. Yes, I do.
3. Yes, I did.
4. No, he can’t.
5. Yes, I will.
1. You spent the weekend in Moscow, didn’t you – No, I didn’t. – Ты провел выходные в Москве, не так ли? – Нет.
2. You like playing guitar, don’t you? – Yes, I do. – Ты любишь играть на гитаре, не так ли? – Да.
3. Your mom didn’t come with you, did she? – No, she didn’t. – Мама не поехала с вами, не так ли? – Нет, она не поехала.
4. Your dacha is near Novgorod, isn’t it? – Yes, it is. – Твоя дача под Новгородом, не так ли? – Да, это так.
5. Your granny is a good cook, isn’t she? – Yes, she is. – Твоя бабушка хорошо готовит, не так ли? – Да это так.

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