Dentist – дантист (стоматолог)
Computer programmer – программист
Farmer – фермер
Taxi driver – таксист
Businessman – бизнесмен
Police officer – полицейский
Doctor – доктор
Architect – архитектор
Pilot – пилот
Vet – ветеринар
Mechanic – механик
Sportsman – спортсмен
Manager – менеджер
Correspondent – корреспондент
Poet – поэт
Actor – актер
Journalist – журналист
Мартин – a correspondent
Стефан – a computer programmer
Джулия – an actress
Джесс – a vet
Дима – a sportsman
Катя – a doctor
Лена – a teacher
Даша – an artist
1 — i
2 — d
3 — j
4 — a
5 — c
6 — k
7 — l
8 — b
9 — e
10 — f
11 — h
12 — g
Section 5. What are you going to be?
In ten year, probably I’m going to be a writer. He tells people about things that nobody notices. Writer should be creative and sociable.
I’m going to be an actress in ten years. She makes people believe in the role she plays. An actress should be creative, easygoing and have a good memory.
In ten years, I think, I’m going to be a manager. He helps the firm to work and arranges all kinds of things. He needs to be responsible and sociable.
a) 6
b) 5
c) 4
d) 1
e) 3
f) 2
My Dad is a journalist. He spends much time travelling around the world and gathering information for his articles. He works on weekdays and on weekends; this means that he hasn’t a schedule. He loves his work. He takes photos and then I can read his articles in the magazines for travelers and look at the photos he made. I would like to become a journalist like my Dad.
1. Important people like politicians, presidents, businessman and rock stars need bodyguards.
2. It’s dangerous because bodyguards are always ready to risk their own lives to safe the client.
3. They guard their clients and their families to protect them from cruel people.
1. It’s dangerous because a scared animal can bite or kick vets.
2. A person who loves animals can become a good vet.
3. Vets should know how to treat animals well.
1. It’s important because our modern world can’t work without computers.
2. A person who loves computers can become a good programmer.
3. A computer programmer writes smart programmes to help people in their everyday life.
1. This job is important because teacher is the first who shows everyone how to read and write, count and choose our future profession.
2. A kind and sociable, friendly and responsible, loving and intelligent person can become a good teacher.
3. Teachers are responsible for their students and their futures.
Section 5. What are you going to be?_2
I’d like to work at school, to teach children how to read and write, count and solve problems. I would explain them what is good and what is bad. I would be patient and kind, loving and intelligent. I would become an ideal teacher.

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