Birthday party – вечеринка в День рождения
Film star – кинозвезда
Orange juice – апельсиновый сок
Invitation letter – пригласительное письмо
Post office – почтовое отделение
Apple pie – яблочный пирог
Art gallery – картинная галерея
Football match – футбольный матч
Sarah prepared for her birthday party yesterday. She wrote invitation letters and from the post office sent them to the friends. On her birthday she cooked a special apple pie and showed a new film with famous film stars. Her friends were happy to come to the party. They drank orange juice and laughed.
Have you ever been to the art gallery? – Yes sure. – Let’s go to a football match then!
They had a barbecue in the garden. Then they played board games. When they became hungry they ate biscuits and fruits: apples, bananas and oranges. They also drank soft drinks and fruit juice. They chatted with each other, took photos and danced in colourful paper hats.
I celebrate my birthday in summer. It has its pluses and minuses at the same time, because on one hand I’m free from school and don’t have to study on my birthday. And on the other hand I have problems with guests who prefer to leave the city in summer.
However I enjoyed my last birthday. I didn’t write any invitation letters. It’s too official. I prefer to call and to tell everything my best friends on the phone.
I invited to my dacha only closest friends; there were only two guests in the party. We had a good time together. We played the guitar, sang songs, played badminton in the garden. I was happy. In the evening we drank hot tea with birthday cake. My friends sang a special birthday song for me and gave me a present. It was a pretty purse. It was one of my best birthdays.
Ann: Did you stay at home last weekend?
Vicky:No, I went to Julia’s party.
Ann: Really? You enjoyed the party, didn’t you?
Vicky: Yes, it was great. There were a lot of guests. Julia invited her Russian friends too.
Ann: What did you do?
Vicky: We had a barbecue in the garden, danced and played. I took a lot of photos. Have a look!
Ann: How nice! And who is that boy and that girl next to Julia?
Vicky: That’s Oleg and Tanya.
[i:] – сладкий, сыр, есть, чай, Пасха
[ɪ] – печенье, чипсы, пить, пицца, Рождество
[ai] – нравится, нож, время, пирожок, вид, кусок
[ʌ] – обед, масло, сдобная булочка, День матери
[ʊ] – класть, смотреть, полный, пудинг
[əʊ] – знать, медленный, дом, рулет
1. This means that British people like sweet things. – Это значит, что британцы любят сладкое.
2. British sweet are puddings and pies, jams, biscuits and buns, cakes and rolls. – Британскими сладостями являются пудинги и пирожки, варенье, печенье и сдобные изделия, торты и рулеты.
3. I love buns and rolls with cinnamon. – Я обожаю сдобу и рулеты с корицей.
4. They eat cakes and biscuits during tea breaks at work and long breaks at school, when they are at home and in the cinema. – Они едят торты и печенье на перерыве на работе, на большой перемене в школе, когда они находятся дома и в кино.
5. British people eat even more sweet things on Christmas, Easter, Mother’s day and St Valentine’s Day. – Британцы едят еще больше сладкого на рождество и на пасху, в день матери и на день Св. Валентина.
Great Britain and Russia have different dates for celebration of Christmas and Mother’s day. We celebrate Christmas on the 7th of January and have a special meal for it called Sochivo in Russia. British people celebrate it on the 25th of December and cook roast turkey and pudding. Mother’s day in Russia is celebrated on the last Sunday of November. In Britain this is the last Sunday of May. Russian people give women flowers of acacia, roses and other flowers. St. Valentine’s Day is celebrated on the 14 of February all over the world. Some people don’t celebrate this holiday in Russia, those who does celebrate it in different ways.
To make an ideal sandwich you need:
2 slices of bread
Some butter
A cucumber
A tomato
2 slices of ham
1 list of green salad
Start: First you should cut white bread into slices. Put some better on one of them. Then cut a cucumber and a tomato. Wash the salad. Put salad, pieces of cucumber and tomato and ham on the bread. Enjoy the sandwich!
Ann has already washed apples, bananas and oranges, but she hasn’t made five cheese sandwiches and five ham sandwiches. She has already asked Kate to buy sweets and biscuits but hasn’t made a pizza yet. She also hasn’t decorated the room and hasn’t laid the table, but she invited Steve and Alex. She has already gone shopping.
If I want to help my mum to lay the table, I start with a clean tablecloth. We should put tablecloth on a clean table, and then we arrange plates in the right order. After this we take out knives and spoons and put them on the right of each plate. Forks are always on the left of the plates. My mum likes white or yellow napkins, so I usually put them in the middle of the table or next to each plate under knives and spoons. Now it’s time for glasses for water and juice. We can decorate the table with a vase of flowers or with candles. My mum will be happy to look at all this!
Верный ответ: 4.
1. Mr. Tailor didn’t speak German.
2. During his stay in Germany he had lunch in a little café.
3. Every day a German said to Mr. Tailor: “Mahlzeit”.
4. The Englishman was polite and answered: “Tailor”
5. One day Mr. Tailor learnt the German word for “Good appetite”.
6. When he came to the café, he said to the German: “Mahlzeit”.
7. The German answered: “Tailor”.

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