William Turner is famous for his pictures. – Вильям Тернер известен своими картинами.
William Shakespeare is famous for his poems and plays. – Вильям Шекспир известен своими стихами и пьесами.
Daniel Defoe is famous for his stories about Robinson Crusoe. – Даниэль Дефо известен своими историями о Робинзоне Крузо.
Charlie Chaplin is famous for his films. – Чарли Чаплин известен своими фильмами.
Pamela Travers is famous for her stories about Marry Poppins. –Памела Траверс известна своими рассказами о Мэри Поппинс.
Agatha Christie is famous for her detective stories. – Агата Кристи известна своими детективными историями.
John Lennon is famous for his songs. – Джон Леннон известен своими песнями.
Mark Twain is famous for his books about Tom Sawyer. – Марк Твен известен своими книгами о Томе Сойере.
a) Daniel Defoe wrote his books when he was nearly 60 years old.
b) The story about Robinson Crusoe was based on real adventures of one sailor.
c) Full title of the book is “The Life and Strange Surprising adventures of Robinson Crusoe”.
1. D. Defoe wrote his novels in the 18th century.
2. D. Defoe wrote his novel about Robinson Crusoe when he was nearly 60 years old.
3. The adventures of Robinson Crusoe are based on real adventures of one sailor.
4. The novel became popular immediately after the year it was published.
5. D. Defoe was called “the father of English prose “for the novel about Robinson.
Robinson Crusoe had long dark hair and probably brown eyes. He was tall enough and not fat. He had a big umbrella and a long gun with him.
He has already caught three goats, made pots and bread. He has already built a house.
D. Defoe wrote his novel about Robinson Crusoe in 18th century.
The novel is based on real adventures of a sailor, who spent 4 years on a desert island. However Robinson Crusoe spent 28 years alone on a desert island. He was clever and strong to live there alone. He learned to make umbrella and pots. He caught goats and could drink their milk. Robinson Crusoe met a black man on the island. He met the men on Friday, that’s why he called him Friday. The novel “The life and strange surprising adventures of Robinson Crusoe” is interesting for children and for adults. I also had a good time reading it.
I like Robinson Crusoe because he could struggle with his fate and came out as the winner.
The first book which I’d take to a desert island would be the Bible, because it would help me to live and think there. The second would be a detective story of any author, because it would be very boring to live there alone and I would need some entertainment. The third book would be stories about Jives and Wooster. They are my favourite English funny stories.
√ John R.R. Tolkien – “The Hobbit”
√ Lewis Carroll – “Alice in Wonderland”
√ Sir Arthur Conan Doyle – “Stories about Sherlock Holmes”
√ Daniel Defoe – “The Life and Strange Surprising Adventures of Robinson Crusoe”
√ J.M. Barrie – “Peter Pan”
√ Pamela Travers – “Marry Poppins”
√ Alexandre Milne – “Winnie–the Pooh”
√ Joanne K. Rowling – “Harry Potter”
√ Jack London – “The White Fang”
√ William Shakespeare – “Romeo and Juliet”
My favourite book is called “The Hunger games”. It was written by Suzanne Collins in 2008 year. This new book became popular immediately. She wrote two more books which are the second and the third parts of one story about 16-year-old Katniss Everdeen. The girl lived in unreal land in District 12. The people of the country suffer from their government. Their children had to prepare for cruel “Hanger games”. This “games” took place in special arenas where children had to kill each other to win the “game”. The girl became the winner of the 74th games and her life changed forever. The main idea of the book is hidden between the lines. People shouldn’t pay for their selfish and mercantilistic wishes with the lives of little children.
1. William Turner was born in 1775. Тернер родился в 1775 году.
2. His father was a barber. Отец Тернера был парикмахером.
3. Yes, Turner was very fond of nature. Да, Тернер любил природу.
4. He liked to draw ruined abbeys and castles. Тернер любил изображать разрушенные аббатства и замки.
5. He was famous for the wonderful colours of his pictures. Он был известен необычайными цветами своих картин.
6. He drew landscapes and sea pictures. Он рисовал пейзажи и изображал море.
7. Yes, he was. Да, он был мастером.
1. It happened when Chaplin had become world famous.
2. A theater announced a competition to find a Charlie Chaplin double.
3. People who took part in it had to dress like Chaplin, walk like Chaplin and act out one of the roles in his film.
4. Charlie Chaplin decided to take part in the competition.
5. Of course, he kept his plan a secret from everybody.
6. He didn’t win the first prize.
7. At first he was upset.

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