I live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Sometimes St Petersburg is called the second capital of the Russian Federation. Tourists from different countries come to St Petersburg to visit its famous museums and walk along Nevsky Prospect. You can see tourists from France and the United States, China and Great Britain in Dvortsovaya Square. There are also lots of Russian tourists form Krasnodar and Vladivistok, from Kaliningrad and Moscow. Would you like to visit St Petersburg some day?
I’d like to visit Vyborg. This town is not far from St Petersburg, so I can go sightseeing there and then go to Vyborg. This place is famous for its old history and ancient architecture. There is an old castle in Vyborg where knights lived. I’d like to see a man in the costume of a knight and to take a photo with him.
I’m sitting in the park and I’m writing my notes at the moment. It is hot. I hate this hot weather. I don’t want to sit here, but Roger is playing tennis with his friend. They are running and laughing. They aren’t asking for any ice-cream or lemonade. They are having fun. They like the hot weather.
Oh, but I see an ice-cream man! Ice cream is cold and tastes great. Now I’m happy.
When was the Tower of London built?
What is the British Museum famous for?
Where are the Houses of Parliament?
The Bolshoi Theater is one of the most famous theaters of the world, isn’t it?
Big Ben is a popular symbol of London and the UK.
Tourists from different countries like to take photos in Red Square.
There are lots of places to visit in London: Westminster Abbey, Tower Bridge, the London Eye, and Buckingham Palace.
Dima likes animals. He is in the Nature Studies Club at school. Dima and his classmate take photos of their animals. They feed them and take the pets for a walk in spring and summer. Dima likes to take care of pets. He often takes part in photo exhibitions. In November the photo exhibition took place in Moscow. Dima got a new camera for his photos for the exhibition.
A famous museum
A famous theater
An old town
The Kremlin Palace
An amazing bridge
A high building
London is the capital of Great Britain.
The British Museum was founded in 1753.
Tourists took part in a performance.
The city is famous for its museums, palaces and parks.
Where is Trafalgar Square situated? – Где находится Трафальгарская площадь?
What do the Beefeaters do? – Что делают Бифитеры?
What is London famous for? – Чем известен Лондон?
He was in Greenwich yesterday, wasn’t he? – Он был вчера в Гринвиче, не так ли?
What do you think is a true symbol of London? – Что оп вашему мнению является настоящим символом Лондона?
Have, have, were
Has, has, has, was, have
Have, were
Writer – Марк Твен – известный американский писател.
Politician – Мег сфотографировала вчера знаменитого политика. Он посещал их школу.
Teacher – Барбара Грей – учительница в районной лондонской школе.
Dancer – Я читаю книгу о Анне Павловной, знаменитой русской танцовщице.
Scientist – Пойдем в кино. Там показывают фильм о Исааке Ньютоне, известном ученом.
Sportsman – Могли бы вы нам сказать, кто в вашей школе новый спортсмен.
Trafalgar Square
White Tower
Tower Bridge
Buckingham Palace
Westminster Abbey
The Houses of Parliament
The Tower of London
Big Ben
The London Eye
The London Eye is a giant wheel that carries about 15000 people a day. – Лондонское колесо обозрения – это огромное колесо, которое перевозит около 15000 человека в день.
The Tower of London is famous for its black ravens. – Лондонский Тауэр известен своими черными воронами.
Buckingham Palace is the place where The Queen lives in London. – Букингемский Дворец – место, где живет Королева в Лондоне.
White Tower is situated in the Tower of London. – Белая башня находится в лондонском Тауэре.
In winter you can skate in a big skating ring in Trafalgar Square. – Зимой вы можете покататься на коньках на большом катке на Трафальгарской площади.
My dream has come true. I have never been to Great Britain before. I stayed in England for five days. I stayed with my friend’s family. They live not far from London. Of course, I went to London every day. London is full of places of interest.
The city is famous for its historical museums, royal palaces and monuments. I look a lot of photos. Would you like to see them sometime? Come to my house and we can look at them. The photos are worth seeing.
Travelled, thought, taken, gone, told, written, played, come, eaten, had, given, swam, made, bought, worked, done, seen, been, run, fallen, sent, learnt, decorated, taught, washed, driven, flown.
Written book – написанная книга
Playing girl – играющая девочка
Running sportsman – бегущий спортсмен
Opened window – открытое окно
Singing boy – поющий мальчик
Flying bird – летящая птица
Built house – построенный дом
Eaten breakfast – съеденный завтрак
Sent letter – отправленное письмо
Falling chair – падающий стул
Decorated room – украшенная комната
Has, have
Have, haven’t
Have, has
Have you been, have been
Has never flown
Has just crossed
Crossed, turned, saw
Have just cleaned
Visited, spent
My friend has never had a bird’s eye view of the city. Let’s take her to the London Eye.
Let’s make an apple pie. I’ve already bought green apples, eggs and some flour.
The group of tourists has just turned left.
The children have visited the London Zoo recently. They liked the monkeys.
Have you ever ridden a camel? – No, I haven’t.
What have you done lately?
You have just seen a UFO, haven’t you? – Are you sure?
Look at the picture. You can see the Browns in their living room. They usually spend their Saturday evenings at home. Look at Mr. Brown. He is sitting in his armchair. He is watching TV. He likes sports programmes. Mrs. Brown is reading a magazine. She buys newspapers and magazines every morning. Betsy, their daughter, takes care of the family’s pets. Now she is feeding the goldfish. Her elder brother James is drawing a ship. He draws very well. He is going to be an artist someday.
London is the capital of Great Britain. It’s a very old city. It was founded about two thousand years ago. London is one of the most famous and interesting cities in Europe. There are a lot of museums and monuments, cinemas and theaters in London. Londoners are proud of their lovely parks. Different festivals take place in the parks every summer.
A famous writer

To admire your hero

To write a novel

A big adventure

A flying kite

A written letter

Mark Twain was a famous American writer.

When did he write his famous book about Tom Sawyer?

Mark Twain wrote about the adventures of Tom Sawyer and his friends.

The main characters of his book were kind and brave.

Have you done your homework? – Yes, I’ve just finished.

Is you brother playing computer games now? – No, he is reading a detective story.

What are you going to do tomorrow? – I am going to visit my granny.

Do they go to school on Saturdays? – Yes, they have five lessons.

Did the students take part in the competition yesterday? – Yes, they won the competition.

Robert Burns was a well-known Scottish poet. He was born in 1759. His father was a farmer and there were seven children in the family.
Robert was the eldest son. He liked reading. At the age of 15 he began write poems. He wrote about people, love and everyday things. Scottish people still remember the poet, his poems and songs.

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