— I like English lessons very much because this language will help me in future. I like English history and literature and want to read it in English one day. Мне нравятся уроки английского языка, потому что этот язык поможет мне в будущем.
Мне нравится английская литература и история, я хотел бы прочесть её на английском я зыке однажды.
In English lessons we read, write and speak in English. We learn English poems by heart and listen to different dialogs. На уроках английского мы читаем, пишем и говорим на английском языке. Мы учим наизусть английские стихи и слушаем разные диалоги.
A) 2 – told
3 – said
4 – spoke
5 – told
B) Yesterday Charlie told me all about his summer holidays. He spent them at an English language summer camp. “Did you make a lot of new friends?” I asked him. “Yes, of course. But I missed my old friends too!” he said. “So now we can speak English to each other!” I said. Then I told him about my summer holidays.
1. To get up early
2. To wear school uniform
3. To borrow a new textbook
4. To get good marks
5. To improve the English language
6. To miss friends
7. That was her first day at school
8. Students gave flowers to their teacher.
9. She will go for a walk with her new friend after lunch.
To stay in Great Britain – остаться в Великобритании
To work in the classroom – работать в классе
To finish the lesson – закончить урок
Secret work – секретная работа
Popular music – популярная музыка
Useful information – полезная информация
Interesting subject – интересный предмет
Dear Mary.
Thank you for your letter.
It was so nice to hear from you! I’d like to tell you about my weekend.
Last Sunday I went to visit my grandma with my parents. We missed her very much. She lives in the country in her own house.
She was very glad to see us. I took a lot of pictures of my family and of myself. In the evening we made a fire and sang old Russian songs. When you come here next time we’ll visit my grandma with you. Please write me about your weekend.
Best wishes from us all.
Yours, Liz
A visit to Mr. Pompton
We continue our talk about hobbies. Today we will meet Mr. Pompton. He will show us his collection but he asked us to hurry up because he has very little time to spare. Richard Pompton has an interesting hobby. He collects old TV sets. He has so many TV sets that they are everywhere in his house. There are many TV sets in the living room, in the bedroom, and even in the kitchen and in the bathroom! “Did you by all of this TV sets by yourself?” we asked him. “Oh, no, I don’t have that much money. Most of them came from people who didn’t want them anymore. Few of the TV sets didn’t work when I got them. So I repaired them. Now all the TV sets work!” “Thank you, Mr. Pompton, for you time”. Mr. Pompton’s hobby is very unusual indeed and very few people understand him.
2. – the brightest
3. – easier
4. – the funniest
5. – the best
6. – more interesting
1. – in
2. – about
3. – from/into
4. – from
5. – to
6. – in
1. – singer
2. – teacher
3. – scientist
4. – travelers
5. – writer
1. Who does your friend want to become? – Кем хочет стать твой друг?
2. When did Elizabeth invite you to drama club? – Когда Елизавета пригласила вас в драмкружок?
3. What club do girls in your class like? – Какой кружок нравится девочкам в вашем классе?
4. What did Mark do? – Что сделал Марк?
5. What kind of swimmer will I become in our school? – Каким пловцом я стану в нашей школе?
1. – sociable
2. – helpful
3. – creative
4. – independent
5. – responsible
В британской школе
English, Math, IT, Art, Science, History, Drama, PE, French, German, Music
В российской школе
English, Math, IT, Art, History, Russian, PE, Music, German, Nature studies, Geography
Look at the timetable. We have got English on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. In English lessons we learn new words, translate from Russian into English, ask and answer a lot of question, sing songs and learn poems by heart. I enjoy learning English. But I don’t like to do homework. On Fridays there is no homework. I like English on Friday.
1. They last from 40 to 45 minuts. – Они длятся от 40 до 45 минут.
2. These colours are grey, brown, blue and green. – Это серый, коричневый, синий и зеленый цвета.
3. They study French as the first language. – первым иностранным языком они изучают французский.
4. They also learn Spanish, German, Russian… — Еще они учат испанский, немецкий, русский…
5. They have holidays in the middle of each term plus Christmas holidays, Easter holidays and summer holidays. – У них есть каникулы в середине каждого семестра плюс Рождественские, на пасху и летние каникулы.
6. These are holidays in the middle of each term plus Christmas holidays, Easter holidays and summer holidays. – Это каникулы в середине каждого семестра плюс Рождественские, на пасху и летние каникулыю
1. A modern school uniform
2. Science
3. School library
4. The foreign language
5. Christmas holidays
6. German car
7. Do you like this Spanish town? – Yes, I do. It’s very beautiful.
8. Do you speak German? – Yes, I do.
9. Many British students wear a school uniform.
1. D
2. F
3. B
4. C
5. E
6. A
Проверь себя:
Часть 1. Аудирование. Чтение
Задание 3.
С – О маленьком Ричарде и его интересах.
Задание 4.
С – Он решил сделать выбор позже.
Задание 5.
А – F
B – T
C – F
D – T
E – T
F – F
Задание 6.
Имя: Ivan
Фамилия: Ivanov
Класс: 5th form
Школа: School №10
My favourite subject is math and PE. (Мой любимый предмет математика и физкультура)

I to play football, chess and also I like to swim. (Я люблю играть в футбол, в шахматы и еще люблю плавать)

I’d like to do a club twice a week. May be on Monday and on Wednesday. (Я хотел бы ходить на занятия 2 раза в неделю. Возможно в понедельник и в среду)

Last year I went to the swimming club. (В прошлом году я ходил в кружок по плаванию)

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