I like to skate in winter.
I like to play hockey in winter.
I like to make a snowman in winter.
I like to swim in summer.
I like to play badminton in summer.
I like to play football in summer.
1) …to chat…
2) …it’s hot and sunny.
3) “You must not speak! Don’t open your mouth!”
Например: I like summer because it’s hot and sunny. I can dive and swim.
1) will draw; 2) have; 3) will help; 4) will be; 5) will play; 6) listens.
I’ll go to school tomorrow.
I’ll play hockey next week.
1) will; 2) won’t; 3) won’t; 4) will; 5) won’t.
Например: I like summer. When It’s rainy I can read a book or listen to music.
When it’s sunny and hot I can go to swim or go for a walk with my friends. My parents and I often have a picnic in the park in summer. We play volleyball and hide-and-seek. We eat ham sandwiches and a lot of sweets with juice.

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