like – liked
do – did
say – said
put – put
play – played
want – wanted
cry – cried
see – saw
go – went
give – gave
take – took
fly – flew
try — tried
take – took
have – had
…met, skied, played, made, looked, said, liked, came, had, did, watched, drew, put, went, smiled, said.
The lion was yellow and strong.
The elephant was big and grey.
The mouse was grey and small.
The fox was red and smart.
The camel was brown and kind.
The whale was blue and big.
The giraffe was funny and tall.
The dolphin was nice and blue.
The eagle was white and good.
The sheep was happy and fat.
The wolf was grey and short.
The monkey was brown and funny.
The snake was yellow and good.
A: Was he in Africa?
B: No, he wasn’t.
A: Was he at the zoo?
B: Yes, he was.
…was, were, was, were, were, was.
The children sang songs, danced, listened to music, to music, told fantastic stories, played jokes and drew pictures at the costume party.

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