… let it go again, because it bit his little finger on the right hand.
1) Did you play badminton yesterday?
2) Did the children draw a nice picture last night?
3) Did Jim read an interesting fairy tale last Sunday?
4) Did Jill write a letter to Santa Claus last week?
5) Did they ski in the park yesterday?
6) Did Simon catch a big fish a month ago?
What did Tiny write yesterday?
When did Tiny write a new fairy tale?
Where did Tiny meet Santa Claus two days ago?
When did Tiny meet Santa Claus in the forest?
… came, saw, wanted, thought, said, said, said, asked, said, was, ran.
1) Yes, it did.
2) No, it didn’t. The Cat saw the little bird.
3) Yes, it did.
4) Yes, it was.
5) Yes, it did.
6) Yes, it did.
1) What did the cat think?
2) What did the cat say?
3) What did the bird ask?
4) What did the cat run away?
Past Simple: There was a little smart Bird in a tree.
Present Simple: All animals are good friends now!
Future Simple: I’ll have the bird for my breakfast.
1) Yes, he did.
2) Yes, he was.
3) No, he didn’t.
4) No, he didn’t
5) Yes, he was.
The Wolf didn’t drink the dirty water.
The Sheep didn’t make the water dirty.
The Wolf didn’t meet the Sheep before.
The Sheep didn’t come to the river a year ago.
2) where
3) why
4) what
5) what
6) how
7) why
Например: The sheep ran away. The wolf ran after him. Suddenly the wolf saw the hunters. He was afraid. The sheep said: “Help me, please” – And the hunters came and helped him.
1) Santa Claus had breakfast yesterday.
2) Santa Claus met the postman yesterday.
3) Santa Claus read the children’s letters yesterday.
4) Santa Claus put the Christmas presents into the bag yesterday.
5) Santa Claus got into the sleigh yesterday.
6) Santa Claus flew in the sky yesterday.
7) Santa Claus climbed the chimney yesterday.
8) Santa Claus put the presents into the stockings yesterday.

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