… a mother, a grandmother, a grandfather, a sister and a little brother.
… play puzzles…
… make toys…
… watch the stars.
… play computer games.
… read books…
… watch TV.
Bill is a grandson for his grandmother.
Mag is granddaughter for her grandfather.
Bill is a son for his father.
Mag is a daughter for her father.
Bill is a brother for his sister.
Mag’s mother played puzzles with Becky last Sunday.
Mag took photos of her family last Sunday.
Mag’s father watched the stars last Sunday.
Mag’s dog read a book last. Sunday.
1) No, she hasn’t. Mag has got a big family.
2) No, he doesn’t. Mag’s father likes to watch stats.
3) Yes, it is.
4) No, they haven’s got a parrot.
5) No, they don’t. They play puzzles on Sundays.
6) No, she didn’t. She took photos of her family yesterday.
7) No, he can’t.
Например: I like to skate, to play piano, to play hide-and-seek. What do you like to do on Sundays? Do you like to play chess / have a picnic…?
Jason, his mum and dad.
2 – 5 – 1 – 4 – 3 – 6.
They got up early, had breakfast and after Mr. Wilson bought a lot of bananas. Mrs. Wilson made a big cake.
why what where who how many
They came to the country to see Jason’s grandma and grandpa.

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