I usually get up at 7:00 am.
I usually clean my teeth at 7:15 am.
I usually have breakfast at 7:30 am.
I usually go to school at 8:05 am.
I usually have lunch at 2:00 pm.
I usually do homework at 5:30 pm.
I usually read a book at 7:10 pm.
I usually go to bed at 9:05 pm.
I’d like to watch “Tiny and his friends” at half past eleven.
I’d like to watch “Football: Lions and Tigers” at one forty.
I’d like to watch “Let’s cook together!” at two fifty.
I’d like to watch “Sing and dance with Tricky!” at half past three.
I’d like to watch “When, where, why?” at four five.
I’d like to watch “Green School” at six ten.
I’d like to watch “Good night, sleep tight!” at a quarter to nine.
Mag got up at 7:00 yesterday.
Mag had breakfast at 7:30 yesterday.
Mag came home school at 1:45.
Mag had lunch at 2:00.
Mag began to do homework at 3:00.
ran, saw, jumped, caught, said, said, said, began, was, wanted, flew, was, was, began, said.
“The Smart Bird”
1) the Cat 2) the Bird 3) the Bird 4) the Cat 5) the Cat
1) The Bird wanted to have breakfast.
2) The Cat wanted to have a nice breakfast, too.
3) The Cat began to wash, because the farmer and his family always wash their hands before breakfast.
4) The smart little Bird flew away.
5) The Cat didn’t want to miss the dinner.

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