Father, mother, sister, brother, daughter, son, grandmother, grandfather.
1) Becky didn’t play puzzles yesterday.
2) I will ride my bike tomorrow.
3) My grandma got two letters yesterday.
4) They were in the country last summer.
Например: My mother read a book, cooked and washed up yesterday. My father went shopping, cleaned his car.
Например: I usually wash up, make my bed and clean my room.
read – read – didn’t read
look – looked – didn’t look
draw – drew – didn’t draw
go – went – didn’t go
make – made – didn’t make
lay – laid – didn’t lay
do – did – didn’t do
feed – fed – didn’t feed
run – ran – didn’t run
… washed, cleaned, made, helped, had, watered, fed.
Например: Last Sunday morning I made my bed, took my pet for a walk and helped my mother to wash up.
1) Jane’s mother cleaned the rooms.
2) Did Jane help her mother?
3) She didn’t like to work.
4) Why did Jane’s mother go shopping?
It’s ten past three.
It’s ten to seven.
It’s half past six.
It’s quarter past one.
It’s eight twenty / twenty past eight.
half past nine, bed, cook the breakfast, flowers, fish, a quarter past eleven, ten to two, puzzles, bike, TV, ten past nine.
1) she, her 2) he, his 3) it, its 4) we, our 5) they their

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